Our Mission

CHILDSRIGHT is a Sole Proprietorship and basically about fundraising and caring for the needy. raising funds for kids , aged and needy is our priority. our business idea came as a result of what we observed in our society where we realized individuals want to contribute to the development of their communities but do not know the right channel to use. Thinking about such factors, we have made it our responsibility to use this platform to get resources to also provide to all individuals who will be in a difficult situation. CHILDSRIGHT is not limited to specific people but any one who may be in need. fundraising will be done through mob a jobs at filling stations, selling of coupons,t-shirts, and also organize fundraising events annually. This will enable us raise enough funds for any project at hand. In terms of its charge, there hasn't been any fixed amount proposed because we believe in individual differences. prior to this, any amount or donation will be accepted.


Education doesn't have a one-size-fits-all solution. Your support is invested in helping kids complete secondary school using a wide range of tools to make it happen: providing school fees, uniforms, supplies, tutoring and scholarships.


Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to getting and staying healthy. So our health programs focus on two important things:

  • 1) developing healthy habits
  • 2) connecting kids with services when they need help.


Mock interviews, résumé writing, connecting with jobs, earning scholarships for college or vocational training — CI teens are focused on developing workplace and technical skills to help them change their lives for good.